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We turn passion into power

"We are committed to worldwide regenerative energy, based primarily on solar power. We see ourselves among the leading companies globally in all our fields of activity. This means that our products are of the highest quality and at the most technologically advanced level worldwide. Our company locations all over the world ensure our future viability.

Our employees are instrumental in the continued development and success of KACO new energy thanks to their personal commitment. We create the freedom in which our employees can achieve their goals. We turn errors into chances and learn from them.

Factors such as the health of all our employees, team spirit, fairness, open communication, trust, self-confidence and responsibility are very important to us. We are aware of our responsibility to each of our locations and each employee."

Ralf Hofmann, CEO

About KACO

KACO new energy GmbH with its headquarters in Neckarsulm, Germany, specialises in PV inverters and monitoring systems as well as in power supply systems for rail and industrial applications. As a leading manufacturer in this field, the company has produced over 5 gigawatts of PV inverters since 1999. The company has been leading in the field for several years, and has many lines of grid tie inverters. Their products have exceptional heat resistance, low-power efficiency, and reverse polarity protection. All of the products are tested intensively to ensure quality and performance.

The company’s hallmark is the demand it places on quality. KACO new energy is the first manufacturer to give a seven year standard manufacturer warranty on its inverters. Shipments to customers only include devices that have successfully passed extensive thermal and electronic test processes under extreme operating conditions. KACO new energy’s philosophy is that even a high degree of efficiency cannot compensate for the damage caused by an inverter failure on a good sunny day!

KACO – Blue Planet Single & Three Phase Inverters

Small system? Big convenience & Highest yields!

With a line-up of 1-phase, transformer less units, KACO new energy will be inaugurating the new "Blue Planet" solar PV inverter series.

Newly developed, and, constructed from scratch, the blueplanet TL1 fulfills each and every requirement expected of modern solar PV inverters for use in residential PV systems: they are light and can be installed quickly; all essential technical features are included in the price; reliable operation and yields are guaranteed.

Operators of small PV systems are sure to find the right inverter due to the finely differentiated output range with AC powers of 3.0 kVA, 3.5 kVA, 3.7 kVA, 4.0 kVA, and 4.6 kVA.

The blueplanet 5.0 TL3 to 20.0 TL3 solar PV inverters are transformer less, 3-phase units with AC powers ranging from 5.0 kVA, 6.5 kVA, 7.5 kVA to 20.0 kVA. They are the ideal inverters for the smooth and most efficient design of any residential or small commercial solar power plant.

Flexible and powerful

  • 2 MPP trackers
  • Wide MPP range

Easy installation anywhere

The DC and AC periphery ensures the quickest cabling thanks to plug-in connectors, and you can easily set parameters using our well-established user-interface. With IP65, the inverters can stand up to the harshest conditions out in the open.

  • Lightweight
  • Straightforward mounting
  • Convenient AC and DC cabling thanks to plug-in connectors


  • Numerous, pre-installed communication interfaces
  • Data logger with web server
  • Clearly laid out, graphical display, intuitive menu navigation

Commercial Inverters

The blueplanet 750 TL3, 875 TL3 and 1000 TL3 are transformer-less solar PV inverters with AC powers of 750 kVA, 875 kVA and 1,000 kVA. They offer precise, innovative solutions for the centralized design of large commercial and industrial-scale solar power plants.
The blueplanet 1000 TL3 features IP54 protection class, making it especially suitable for outdoor use – saving you the money for a separate enclosed room. The unit is thus a highly economic alternative to common central inverter stations.

Commanding major solar yields

We have kept an eye on making the blueplanet 1000 TL3 as user-friendly as possible – whether you are accessing it on-site or remotely via the Internet. The inverter is equipped with both full digital control and a digital user interface. This provides you with:

Easy operation and fast maintenance

  • Complete monitoring and universal communication options
  • Activation of country-specific, preconfigured settings at the push of a button



  • 98.5% efficiency
  • Continuous full output power at ambient temperatures of up to 50 °C


  • AC and DC connection boxes separated
  • Developed for outdoor use
  • 1,100 V system voltage


  • 2 DC input configurations available
  • Digitally controlled
  • Continuous, remote monitoring