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LEONI is a leading supplier of cable systems and related services for the automotive industry and various other industrial sectors.

LEONI group of companies employs more than 59'000 people in 33 countries. Corporate vision, highest quality and innovative power have made us one of the leading cable manufacturers in Europe. LEONI develops and produces technically sophisticated products ranging from wire and optical fibers to cables through to complete cable systems and also offers the related services.

Moreover, the product portfolio comprises strands, standardized cables, hybrid cables, glass fiber as well as special cables, cable harnesses, wiring systems components and fully assembled systems for applications in various industrial markets.

Renewable energy plays a key role in the business units of the LEONI Group.

In the case of wind turbines, there are signs of a trend towards making the component to last and thereby increasing the useful life of the whole system. In cable making this can be achieved for example with a special design and high quality insulation materials. With the cable being resistant to temperatures up to 145 °C, the laws of physics enable the control and power supply cables to have a very long useful life span even at extreme temperatures in the nacelle.

Tailor-made power cables, medium voltage cables, fiber optic cables and components, bus cables, round strands and flat-woven fabric for lightning protection, high temperature connector strands (up to more than 180 °C) for the interior wiring of actuators and generators, earthing cables as well as service work complement the offering.

Cables and single cores for high requirements

Our solutions for cables are characterized by an extraordinary variety. However, we still pay attention to safety aspects, media and temperature resistance, optimization of volume and weight reduction. This is realized utilizing the enormous know-how in our development laboratories. An even higher quality with outstanding physical and electric properties is reached by in-house electron-beam cross-linking.

  • The BETAflam® Solar Cables with UL and TÜV approval
  • For fixed applications such as taxiway, runway and touchdown zone lighting.
  • For use under normal climatic conditions and moderate mechanical stress. Suitable for laying in conduits and ducts.
  • Cable expertise from a single source.
  • Halogen-free control and power cables
  • Low-voltage power cords for the connection from the generator to the transformer
  • Medium voltage cable from the transformer to the power supply
  • Cables for connecting generators and motors
  • Round and flat strands for lightning protection
  • Earthing cables
  • Fiber optic cables and components
  • Field bus and sensor cables
  • Additional services preparation, harnessed assemblies up to installation services.s