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NOARK Electric Europe

NOARK Electric is an international company building up sales structure in Europe. We provide a new opportunity for our business partners, above-standard warranty and unrivalled care for our customers.

NOARK Electric deals in development, production and distribution of electrical devices and components. The company is part of a group with more than 25 thousand employees. NOARK Electric has invested millions of euro into in-house product development and works with the latest technologies. Our target is to build up the global brand. Regional centres in Shanghai, Prague and Los Angeles manage activities on individual continents and with respects to the requirements of individual markets and countries.

Development and production

In-house development and technology NOARK offers a wide portfolio of high quality products for your electrical installation. Products are produced on the basis of in-house technologies. NOARK invests a huge amount of capital into research and development of products every year.

Development and production

Our goal is not to produce only standard products. We want to get closer to the technologies of the future. Our team of engineers looks for new possibilities for technical and technological solutions on a daily basis. Products are also developed with a view to the convenience of their installation. Install simply, function easily and reliably – that is our motto.

State-of-the-art production processes

Our emphasis on development is expressed by the tens of registered patents we hold. As soon as a developed product is certified, it is produced in modern factories, which are equipped with the latest technologies. This ensures the perfect quality and lifespan of our products. NOARK Electric adheres to principles for environmental protection and environmental policy.

We guarantee quality with a 5-year warranty

The high level of endurance of our products is proven by the number of switching cycles, which significantly exceeds the values demanded by the standards. Further proof of quality is the fact that NOARK provides a five-year warranty on all of its products. Quality is not an empty word for our company.
It is a commitment.


We place an emphasis on quality

NOARK is very particular about certification of its products. Our incentive is not to meet the legal requirements only, but to ensure quality and to respect the individual requirements of our customers. Our philosophy commits us to provide our customers with sophisticated products. All products are tested and certified in line with IEC and EN standards. This also means monitoring of test processes according to the CB and CCA scheme. Products are thus certified for the European and the global market.

We respect the requirements of individual markets

NOARK also certifies its products in individual countries using national certification marks. This ensures that our products cover not only the basic requirements of the EN standards, but also the specific rules of the local markets. NOARK cooperates with accredited certification authorities both in the field of compulsory and also additional national certification.

Reliable and safe products are a matter of course for us

NOARK production plants are certified according to ISO standards in such a way as to satisfy the very highest of demands in the field of quality assurance and production quality. Other than ISO certification, NOARK also meets the stricter CIG 023 certification, for the purposes of covering the requirements of above-standard tests for local certification marks, which are awarded by national certification authorities.