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Solar Net metering

How does this system work?

Your solar system design is simplified into three primary pieces of equipment

  • Solar Modules
  • Solar Inverter
  • Monitoring System

Photovoltaic (solar) panels capture the sun’s rays and generate direct current (DC) power which is fed to the inverter to be converted to alternating current (AC). AC power is the type of power your home can utilize. This AC power is then fed to the main meter panel and begins registering the energy produced with the utility company per your net metering agreement to credit your account.

What exactly is Net Metering?

Net metering is a simple concept; power created from your solar system is connected to the electric grid and credited in real time. Any excess power created by the solar system that you are not using, at that moment, is fed back into the power grid. As this excess power is “back-fed”, your meter operates in reverse.

Literally, your meter “spins” backward. The power grid is managed by your local utility company and includes everyone connected to it. As your home’s solar production offsets your energy consumption, you generate credits with the utility and your bill is reduced as your electric costs are eliminated.

Solar System Monitoring

All of our system designs include a unique monitoring system to quickly and easily determine daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly solar energy production through web access and sometimes mobile applications. This detailed monitoring provides evidence that your solar investment is generating the financial benefit you expect.

  1. Solar panels convert energy from the sun into electricity.
  2. A inverter converts the electricity produced by the solar panels from direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) for use in your home, school or business.
  3. The energy is used in your home, school or business.
  4. A bi-directional meter measures energy used and excess energy produced.

How do I get a net metering system for my house?

Step 1: Free solar consultation

Every solar power project starts with a quick conversation to see if solar is right for you. We’ll discuss your energy use and take a look at your roof orientation and possible shading. We'll prepare a customized quote if everything looks good and it will include all of your options and projects your energy savings as well.

Step 2: Solar panel system design

Once we have the measurements, our expert engineers will design a solar power system based on your home’s dimensions and your energy needs.

Step 3: 1-day installation

Most solar panel system installations take only a single day. We’ll find a day that works best for you. We also take care of all of the permits and inspections. All you have to do is watch it all come together.

Step 4: Turn on the power!

Here’s the best part. Once the utility company gives approval, you get to flip the switch to start generating your own clean, more affordable energy.

  • Turn up the savings.
    With low monthly payments and little or no money down, switching to Baker Electric Solar could eliminate your electric bills and your monthly bill anxiety.

  • Soak up the sun, not fossil fuels.
    Taking the plunge to solar for powering your home or business will not only reduce your electric bill, but your carbon footprint as well.

Benifits Of Net Metering

  • The system is easy and inexpensive. It enables people to get real value for the energy they produce.
  • It allows homeowners and businesses to produce energy, which takes some of the pressure off the grid, especially during periods of peak consumption.
  • It encourages consumers to play an active role in alternative energy production, which both protects the environment and helps preserve natural energy resources.
  • Homes that use net metering tend to be more aware of, and therefore more conscientious about their energy consumption.

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